Thoroughly clean teeth –
down to the depths

Professional teeth cleaning has proven itself globally over the last three decades as a precautionary treatment. There are a number of technical means available to our dental hygienists for thorough cleaning. These are, however, only partially effective if our specialist member of staff does not proceed with a keen eye and meticulous accuracy. Our well-trained staff score highly in terms of their care and experience. First of all, the deposits are coloured and then eliminated. Our dental hygienists usually work with hand-held equipment. Sometimes an ultrasonic device is used to gently remove any stubborn deposits. Another tool is a powder jet unit (Airflow) with which the teeth can also be cleaned. Finally, there is a polishing process and – if prescribed by the dentist – a fluoride paint is applied in some cases.

If there is periodontal disease

We have a special ultrasound device to clean the gum pockets on patients with periodontitis. This cleans deposits and bacteria away almost painlessly and is still gentle to the tissue.