Healthy teeth –
for children and teens

Children are particularly welcome in our practice! We understand children – and they get on with us. We enjoy the openness and curiosity of our young visitors. We take plenty of time and provide child-friendly explanations to arouse their interest in oral health. We want to lay the foundations from the very start for healthy teeth. With positive experiences in our practice, the transfer of responsibility to the children themselves and, of course, by a comprehensive prevention plan. The children regularly visit us for oral hygiene training ("Cleaning school"). After consultation with the parents, we additionally protect the sensitive teeth of the children against bacteria – and therefore against caries – by fluoridation and with fissure sealing. Our dental hygienists explain exactly what is important in dental care. We also keep an eye on the position of the teeth. If orthodontic treatment (usually with braces) is required, we will inform you in due time of this. We talk in detail with you and your children about what also keeps teeth healthy.