Dr. Kratschmayer, alongside the typical services provided by a dental practice, you offer many alternatives and holistic therapies. How did you come to this holistic approach? The way to the alternative, holistic methods came from my personal experiences and practice from my first years as a dentist. Time and again there were cases which did not seem solvable. As an example, there were patients with unexplained chronic discomfort or vague pain in the head area. The teeth or a cranio-mandibular dysfunction (CMD) are often involved in these symptoms. Over the years I have found approaches which offer solutions for these patients.

Is the holistic approach the future of dentistry? Or is it only interesting for patients with certain problems, e.g. tooth grinding, headaches or sleep disorders? The holistic approach with jaw analysis or osteopathic methods is only interesting for a small group of patients who have specific complaints. For this reason there will always remain a part of dentistry and the holistic methods will never replace the current dentistry methods. This is obviously positive. Chronic complaints are fortunately not the rule.

To present your approach from the viewpoint of a patient: What differences from conventional dentistry will new patients notice when they come to you in your practice? The atmosphere is relaxed: We have calming music playing quietly in the background and place value on having a slow pace in our practice operations. This is the same way we approach the treatment: It is sustained. This means: After diagnosis, I take time to think about the case. The right idea for the case does not always come up in minutes. I plan step by step so that the best possible and long lasting results are achieved. Before every restoration, there are preparatory measures, e.g. elimination of caries and, if required, gum treatment. This is the first foundation stone for successful restoration.

In your practice "Dentists on the Augustaplatz", you and Mrs. Skardov provide the treatment. Each has different treatment focal points. As a patient, how do I decide who to go to? Normally as a new patient you would come to me. I communicate with the patients, discuss further diagnostic measures with them and put the conceptual direction into place. Dr. Skardov's focus lies on conservative measures, root treatments (endodontics), paediatric dentistry and also in prosthetics.