Highest wearing comfort –
from a crown to a complete prosthesis

Full ceramic is particularly well tolerated, long-lasting and – when skilfully made by a good dental technician – difficult to recognise as a denture. Particularly for solutions which replace several teeth, full ceramic restoration is the most pleasant solution. Ceramics feel "real" in the mouth, they are stable and look natural. So that your dentures fit perfectly, we check the position using a modern TMJ measuring device (Freecorder Bluefox) (computer assisted bite analysis). We are then able to pre-determine the bite level and adjust the chewing surface individually to suit your TMJ. Because: If the dentures are not precisely matched to the functional joint space, the function of the dentures cannot be guaranteed or is even impossible. Together with experienced dental technicians, you receive dentures from us which will maintain the quality of life concerning the feel of your mouth.