Applied protection –
normally for children's teeth

Fissures are small grooves on the chewing surface of the molar teeth. Bacteria can particularly easily settle in them and take hold. The sensitive enamel of children's teeth can then easily be destroyed by caries. For this reason, we protect them in a timely manner with an impermeable, durable paint.

Sealing for children

Fissure sealing is standard today in paediatric dentistry. It can only be performed once the teeth have completely emerged and the tooth enamel is mature. We will tell you during check-ups when the sealing can be performed. The teeth are first very carefully cleaned and then sealed using a plastic coating. The teeth are normally also fluoridated. The teeth are then protected against caries in the best possible way.

Adult fissure sealing

Normally, adult teeth are not sealed as they are resistant enough on their own. In certain cases, or on express request, we also perform fissure sealing outside childhood.