Bleaching –
makes discolouration disappear

If the teeth have been stained over the years by coffee, tea or even nicotine, a tooth whitening can bring the original colour out again. Bleaching is performed in our practice using various methods. Depending on the bleaching method used, the effect lasts for different periods of time. If you have always considered your teeth's original colour to have been too dark, or the dark dentine starts to shine through with advancing years, veneers are the better solution. We will explain all the alternatives to you in a personal conversation.

Individual tooth bleaching

Sometimes individual teeth discolour if they are no longer live, e.g. after a root tip resection. So that these do not stand out by being darker than the surrounding teeth, we can brighten up these (non-vital) teeth from the inside.

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Before                                                                      Before
Afterwards                                                               Afterwards

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Smoking                                 Tetracycline

Before                                                                       Before
Afterwards                                                                Afterwards