Effective dental care –
for children and adults

Training in teeth cleaning is always a part of the prevention plan for children. However, adults too receive training on correct dental care and tooth retention in our practice. This might be because we find certain problem areas or if the oral situation has changed, e.g. due to dentures. Normally our dental hygienists provide personal instruction. Every patient who has received dentures from our practice automatically receives free hygiene instruction to understand how to properly care for their new teeth. This is an important foundation for long-lasting dentures.

Targeted dental care for adults

Adults receive individual tips for dental care at home from us. If, for example, periodontal disease is discovered, or where certain problem areas are detected during check-ups, our dental hygienists will show you exactly how you can do a great deal for your teeth yourself with targeted care. Our specialist staff will discuss effective cleaning with you in detail after a bridge has been inserted or if you have received an implant.